Doku' Waii

Adahy: Day 12 & 13

Day 12:

-I wake up and find that my wounds from the Mortwo’us have healed up nicely
-with the bones from the Shrak’tun I’m able to make some nice armor, but it’s too heavy for me to wear
-our group decides to head out for the Mound
-we’ve been going through thick forest for quite some time until we reach a clearing with two, lone, red trees at its center
-there’s a bag between them, and Eye Sore decides he wants to check it out
-we noticed that there were bodies of several different creatures impaled to different limbs of these two trees, and that it was strange they were the only things living in this nice plain

*Trees attacked
-the two trees attacked Eye Sore, turns out they stab things to death, and they stabbed him
-we all got back and I was able to determine how much range the trees had from their height, I go around to flank and get a better position to try and help Eye Sore
-Ice Spike is able to take out one of the branches as Eye Sore burns up the one that has him through and through
-another branch gets to Eye Sore before he can get out of there but I’m able to break it apart with one of my darts, we get him out of there and all get the hell out of there, not sure if he got the bag or not
-call the trees Bitter-blood Trees, don’t want to mess with them

*Make it to the Mound
-a lot bigger than we previously thought, seems like some sort of large temple or castle even
-I decide to get a better look from one of its walls and climb up to the top, from there can see a throne room with the roof mostly gone, it’s a very large structure, there’s another large room behind the throne room though need to be inside to see more
-climb back down and we rest for the night to go inside in the morning

Day 13:

*Inside the Mound
-go straight for the throne room
-not much but old cabinets and torn up rugs, the place seems pretty well looted
-behind the throne is an entry way into the next structure behind it, we go on in

*Inside the structure
-at the center of the next room is a fountain, and all along the floor are engravings, as we enter we see a small creature run from one side of the room into a hallway a little more forward
-we just heard something say “Water Spirit protect me!” and now I’m…

*I wake up
-everyone’s gone, I realize the room has engravings marking a compilation of all the spirits, meant to worship all of them as one
-I hear fighting and head over to the noise
-I get there as it’s settling down, seems they scared off some other people who had hold of one of our friends who we have now coincidentally rescued
-I heal up whoever needs it and we make our way toward where they ran
-there’s a ladder going up

*Up the ladder
-lots of books around here, can’t read any of them, Ice Spike takes a few
-ladder goes up some more to the outside from the top of the Mound, take note of it as we all go in through a door down a hall
-keep going in for a bit until we get to a large room, we leave the door open and go on in
-something is in here with us
-I turn to see the light through the door only to find it’s gone, something is now blocking our view, we get ready to fight
-it’s another one of those damn Shrak’tun

*Shrak’tun fight
-this one is a lot more tough than the one from Deep Valley Cave
-gets at me and people in the party really good, can’t tell much of what’s going on but we keep on hitting for it
-it eventually goes down, but unfortunately so did the priest, even I don’t wish that on a priest
-we take our wounded and what loot we can scavenge, with one loss already we decide it’s not best to go on
-on the way back, we meet a small, strange creature, or at least I meet it, it knows everyone else apparently

*Small creature
-it’s a water spirit acolyte, seemingly very in tune with the nature of things
-it has our lost priest with it, says it’s assisting the priest with his journey through the spirit world, I believe it
-seeing it has more knowledge than we do of the spirits, I ask it what they think of me, haven’t been able to get a straight answer from anyone I don’t know, it tells me that it wonders why I think they would even care about me, I plan to change that for the better at least but am glad they don’t hate me
-we thank it for all that it has done and head straight for home



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