Doku' Waii

Adahy: Day 14-17

Day 14:

*Headed to the island on the lake on boat

*Now on the island we saw 3 sky runners
-approaching them to get a closer look from across the field
-Mouse guy is trying to tame it
-Mouse guy tamed it!

*We continued on down the river on boat

*Attacked by swagoras when magic guy provoked it
-everyone got out fine
-ship damaged

*Damaged ship
-repaired biggest hole, still a lot of damage to it and will take time to repair

*Night fall
-in middle of night woken up by Boneskinner, M’wanti’ attacked us
-around eight of them, we defeated them though not knowing that they heal back immediately, only burned down four of them and the other ones ran

Day 15:

-it has been decided that I will head boat repairs and it will take 3 days
-all party members except mouse guy gathered wood as he explored with tamed skyruner

-all wood acquired, I’ll be at boat the whole 3 days making repairs with two chicks
-warning system made and one foot deep hole filled with water all around to act as warning system
-Boneskinner and horn toe have come in contact with some rhino thing or other and beat them and took their skin

Day 16:

*During repairs spotted the swagoras that attacked us on boat
-boss fight!
-we won and no one died
-got throwing ax out of it that’s pretty good

Day 17:

*Repairs completed, we all got ready to go home with new loot and made it back safe


Narrated Session Synopsis by Adahy:

“I’ve lived too long and gone through too much for it all to be thwarted by some over-sized beast” said Adahy to the others by the fire. “Though I will admit that no beasts hunted by me or my men in the past have compared to such a gruesome foe, I’m only glad that those with me were as good as those who I once called companion. We started off on the 14th day here on this new land and the group decided it would be best to use a boat from a recent supply drop. I never liked boats and especially didn’t like them when they involved this new land, though I liked traveling alone even less, I’ve had enough of that business. So off we went for some island on a lake, I like pointless excursions even less though no one likes an old exile that whines so I just wait for the first moment to get off this damn boat.”

Adahy proceeds to spit to the fire and watch it sizzle a bit before continuing.

“Anyhow, here we are at this island on a lake, and all we see are these red trees, it was a lovely sight, coming from an island full of trees, to a new land with even more of them, I wanted nothing more than to look at some more damn trees. It was hard to enjoy however as all I was able to hear was screaming on top of screaming, I liked it better when I was alone! So I took a nice swim over to the island and to my pleasure was accompanied by some of the few men I could call “competent”. There was nothing much at the island at first, though mouse man was somehow able to tame one of those damn flying creatures, I’m fine on the ground and not on top of some over-sized fly."

At this point you realize that he’s talking more to himself than anyone in particular, years in the jungle will do that to a man and you take comfort realizing he could have come out much worse.

“So we continue our pleasure cruise up the river and it was the closest thing I could get to enjoying myself on a boat until that magic man with the markings took interest in some of the wildlife. This gigantic beast with four legs and a pair of large arms, easily 20 stones high and with a giant club I imagine it didn’t user for walking. If I’m not hunting it I’m not caring for it though this loon doesn’t seem to think that’s a good idea, so he takes it upon himself to start showing it jewelry from its position on the shore. I guess it didn’t like it, because next thing we know, there’s a boulder headed right for the guy! If there’s one thing I can say he did manly, it’s that he certainly didn’t try to move out of its way when it came crashing into his chest. The damn thing then went straight for us, diving into the water to bring the fight to our tipsy dingy! The greenhorn ended up in the water where the Boneskinner, the Queen’s bitch and I were able to get him out. At this time I was able to get a clean shot through what appeared to be its eye, and the mouse man distracted it by controlling some of its heard back at shore and making them fight each other. By the end of the battle some of us were beat up and the boat was more a collection of logs than something meant to be controlled, so of course the only person who knows what he’s doing to get this hunk of junk back on the river is the same person who hates this boat the most.”

Adahy takes a bite of fruit and the liquid dribbles on his beard, it’s not one of those beards that makes you wish you had one.

“It takes three days to patch the hull up and build a new rudder good enough to get us out of that place. On the first night bird men took interest in our downed ship and investigated, we were able to dispatch them easily enough, I got one of them clean through the head with my atlatl, and skewered another from the shoulder down with my spear, it was short lived when it turns out they have these healing powers where they never really die. Half of them were able to escape when they ran away, the others still healing we burned to death in a funeral pyre, smelled great.”

Adahy smiles into the fire in front of the group now and it’s very unsettling as it’s the first time you’ve really seen him smile, you don’t want to think too hard about what’s going on inside his head.

“On the second day the freaking Boneskinner and horned toe instead of helping around to get us off this damn rock like some of the more productive individuals decide it would be fun to go and play with giant armored beasts! So here I am trying to get us all out of here alive and they’re content trying to get themselves killed. Well it amazingly turns out alright, and now here they are tracking animal guts all over the inside of the ship instead of getting planks in position or helping the ladies with sealing it. I guess some people don’t appreciate the real men and women around here.”

You wonder how old he really is, he seems very strong despite his wiry stature, but through all the hair and dirt he looks like a man whose seen it all at 30, or could very well be 50.

“It was the third day that had us all surprised however, the damn beast was back! Out in the fields where the mouse man was scouting on top of his giant fly friend, he saw it herding its equally large beasts through the valley with a bag that possessed more of those ‘books’ as magic man calls them and other seemingly good valuables. It was good enough of a reason for us coupled with the idea of revenge to go out take it down. We devised a pretty good plan too, I wish I had some of the magic and tools at our disposal back in my hunting days rather than just a bunch of men with sticks and rope. We started by setting up in a small wooded area in the valley, the psionic and I were in the trees with ice and dart at the ready, while the other men waited in the brush for an ambush. The success of the plan relied on the mouse man using his powers to control one of its heard and separate form the rest of the pack to wander into the forest for the beast to pursue. It did and right as it came into the clearing we all pounced. The battle was extraordinary. Trees fell, wounds were gained, the beast could cudgel all of us aside with a fell swoop of its giant club and for a long while seemingly wasn’t even getting hurt, until the Queen’s guard somehow got hold of its testicles and slashed them off with his swords, we all knew it ‘was’ a man now and the tide began to turn for all of us. We all started getting reckless and desperate to end it, I gave it everything I got and went for his club to get it out of his hand, horned toe kept battering his legs, Queenie went ape on its ass, and the psionic was fiddling with the damn gem that technically started the whole problem. The beast took interest in the gem and reached for it after taking down a tree and pinning the poor magic guy under it, that is before the guy went and fiddled with it, causing it to light up like a star before disappearing. We all though it was nothing at first until the ground began to quake and shake causing a crevice to appear behind us in the opening and launching many people off excluding the psionic and me. I guess he caused that though he should have tried aiming more for the beast than for us. We finally ended up doing actual damage to the thing when we all started to gang up on it and before long horn toe took the finishing measures and caved in its skull with his own boot. Damn kid has to be a show off.”

“If there’s one thing I learned from it all, it’s that I hate boats even more, they always cause problems.”



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