Doku' Waii

Adahy: Day 7

*Boneskinner, Poo Flinger, and I decide to check out deep valley since it had been seen on a previous excursion
-we get there right as a storm rolls in, we decide to take shelter inside the cave at the base of the valley till it passes
-as we walk deeper into the cave, we hear a growling deeper inside
-we walk into a clearing in the cave with some strange nests in it but are ambushed from above by Duag’dus
-we’re able to fight them off fairly well, one of them tried to escape outside and burned alive, turns out the rain is acid rain…
-caught another one and have it all tied up, I think I’m going to take it home :)

*Deep Valley Cave
-the next seems to be for some type of bird, I take some of the feathers, they’re hard
-all around the ceiling of the cave are paintings of what appears to be a map, we take not of it
-there are three paths to take from here, knowing we’re going to be stuck for a while we go exploring

*Left most path
-caved-in, appears to be path on the other side
-we spend some time moving the rocks out of the way and when it’s finally clear, Boneskinner heads in
-there’s an ancient body in back, someone trapped by the cave-in, has a bag with some books and trinkets in it

-faint glowing from this direction, we decide to check it out
-doesn’t go too far until we get to a small pond with luminescent mushrooms all around it, I’m not hungry
-turns out though that from right behind us we’re ambushed by strange humanoid mushrooms that were making this strange sound
-they were in the ground in the passage between the middle room and the pond
-one of them bashes me in the face and guts pretty good, though we’re able to take care of them
-turns out they were people, parasitic mushrooms took over the bodies, calling them Mortwo’us

-we can hear chewing from deep inside this passage, whatever it is sounds big and I do not want to get involved, the entrance is really small though so it won’t be able to come out
-it’s still raining so we decide to rest up and try to wait out the storm, though no sign of it letting up
-Poo Flinger gets bored and decides that he wants to do something about it
-he goes into the passage with Boneskinner, I don’t want anything to do with it so I stay by the entrance
-Poo Flinger shifts into a snake and goes on into the darkness, Boneskinner stays back near the entrance he just came in, I get antsy and decide to check on them
-we keep approaching closer and closer to the munching in complete darkness, leaving our torch behind
-when Boneskinner and I finally get around the corner, we see the damn Poo Flinger hugging up along this giant walking shark, it’s not pleased to see us
-I chicken out and make a run for it, the other two for some reason stayed to fight
-as I cower and hear combat, I don’t hear any sounds of one of them dying, I gather myself to check what’s up
-they’re doing pretty well against it for some reason, I decide to get involved
-after Poo Flinger climbed onto its back with Boneskinner distracting it and I shooting it down, we’re able to kill it, some nice loot is in its lair
-Boneskinner calls it a Shrak’tun, if there’s one thing he’s good at it’s naming things

*Another hallway
-the cave goes on deeper, though the way was caved-in and the rain had stopped, we decided to head back instead and leave it for another day



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